3 Beneficial Effects of your AKU Roller

3 Beneficial Effects of your AKU Roller

We have come out with both static and dynamic acupressure tools for recovery that have gained quite a bit of traction over the last year. This time we decided to add a handle to it and change the game.

We introduce the AKU Roller. 

Versatile in both the recovery world and the beauty world, we wanted to highlight a few effects of the AKU roller. 

Recovery Effect

Athletes and weekend warriors, this toy might be your new best friend when it comes to helping a hyper-localized region heal properly. Say you are a baseball pitcher with a tight shoulder that needs an extra release in a hard to reach place- now you basically have acupuncture with a handle attached to get blood flowing in that hard to reach area. 

Anti-aging Effect

Ever heard of microdermabrasion, lymphatic contouring, collagen stimulation, and cellulite reduction? Well, the roller can be used to help accomplish similar results to some of these techniques.

By gently rolling the roller on the face away from the nose towards the ears, you can begin to stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin, drain lymphatic fluid slowly out of the face, and help promote collagen production. It’s a combination of regenerating skin tissue while detoxifying the lymphatic system. 

The same techniques can be used to drain lymph fluid in other areas of the body such as the breast tissue and armpits, the neck/ jawline, as well as the rib cage lining. These are all places where lymphatic drainage can become static and occasionally needs some extra attention. 

Another use is lightly rolling around regions where cellulite can build up, such as the hips, thighs, and stomach. When applying pressure to these areas, you can begin to break up fat tissue while drawing blood to the surface of the skin. 

Therapeutic Effect

Now one can turn down an incredible massage or relaxing head rub. 

The AKU roller sensation is like no other when it comes to rolling it on your head. It’s kind of like those head scratchers from way back *but better*, sending a crazy tingling sensation down your neck when rubbing your head. 

You can use the roller as a fidgeting tool when working from home, as it provides a relaxing therapy for stress and gives a nice boost in concentration.

So many benefits can be found from using the AKU Roller, but the priority #1 is always stress relief.