3 Places of Chronic “Device “ Pain :

3 Places of Chronic “Device “ Pain :

Ah the places where pain lingers: The neck, back and hands.
If you have ever had pain in these regions, you certainly aren’t alone as these are often places where both physical and emotional traumas are stored.

Neck: When you are sitting at that computer all day, that neck is the first thing to distort forward, in effort to get close to the screen. Your shoulders often tend to hike up towards your ears, holding stress and tension so it is important to remember to take a deep breath and release the shoulder blades down the spine.

Back: This is the second body part to fall victim to the computer, as the neck cranes the back begins to slouch and lose form. A major culprit is a weakening of the core between sitting in chairs and lying in bed.

Hands: Ever heard of “text claw?” That’s right, our hand shapes are being altered by our cellular devices creating stiffness and causing cubital/carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s important to stretch out the fingers and wrists everyday to increase blood flow and prevent nerve damage.
Check out this article about “Text Claw”: https://www.toi-health.com/physician-articles/effects-smartphones-fingers-hands-elbows/

A couple of quick fixes to address these chronic pains that can creep up:

- Make a note to adjust your neck away from the screen slightly
- Roll Aku Ball in circular motions at the base of the skull to loosen muscles and promote blood flow

-Practice rolling head side to side and touching toes when stretching to loosen neck and spinal muscles

- CBD rubs can be very beneficial for head and neck tension

- When you can, work standing upright
- Activate your core at different moments in the day
- Slow lie down on Aku mat for acupressure relief and blood flow
- Practice breath work on your mat with full diaphragmatic inhales
- Find plow yoga pose for extra lower back relief

- Find some time to invert wrists and fingers for stretches
- Utilize the Aku ball for blood flow and nerve aid during long work days (great fidgeting tool)
- Use cooling essential oils like menthol and peppermint
- Try out our aku reflexology rings