3 Tips for Recovery from a Home Workout

3 Tips for Recovery from a Home Workout

Every time you workout, you are tearing apart muscle micro fibers only to rebuild them stronger and better the next go around. But with this, the pain of recovery seems inevitable- so what do we do about it? Good thing there are some easy ways to combat soreness from the comfort of your home.

Here are three helpful tips we came up with:

1. REST: This may seem comprehensive, but rest is crucial to allowing the body to rebuild those microfibers without new micro-tears developing. Forget the fancy supplements and tools; rest is as important as the workout itself because it is what ultimately results in good muscle development. If you continue to overwork, not only can your muscle development be stunted but you can also overtax other systems in the body like the adrenal system. When the adrenal system is under fire and too much cortisol is released, it will begin to eat away at muscle- the exact opposite of your goal.


2. GOOD PROTEIN: We are hearing more and more about plant based athletes and are seeing big switch in food consumption, but it is proven that protein and the associated amino acids are absolutely critical to muscle development post workout. In a comprehensive study of beans versus beef, not only did beans contain far less protein per calorie but it also contained less of the critical nutrients like Vitamin B12, Zinc, Selenium, therefore there would be increases in calories with uneven carbohydrate ratios to reap the same benefits. For more info, visit sacredcow.info or take a look at the book, Sacred Cow.

3. RECOVERY TOOLS: Do recovery tools work? In the short response, the answer is yes. The critical responses for recovery are myo-fascial release, which means the inside and outside of the tissues are relaxing against inflammation. When fascia tighten and create soreness it is in an attempt to “protect” the area. Other benefits are creating an environment of parasympathetic response which will allow for inflammation and other immune responses associated to let up. And finally blood flow- when muscles are delivered an increase in oxygen, the reparations of the area occur more quickly. So don’t be afraid to give one of our Akuspike products a try.