At-Home Acupressure Is the Newest Self-Care Trend

At-Home Acupressure Is the Newest Self-Care Trend

There’s no shame lounging in four-day-old hair, sweatpants, and struggling to maintain an exercise routine during this global pandemic. It’s leaving most of us feeling tired, fearful of the unknown future, and stressed from learning to work from home while maintaining our other responsibilities. It’s a lot even for the most organized and health-conscious person. And while we can now take online fitness classes easily and learn to cook new healthy meals from our favorite online influencers, seeing an acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, or physiotherapist in person can be tricky. Thankfully we have acupressure. 

Acupressure works by targeting different points throughout the entire body using direct pressure. Since there are hundreds of points, using manual manipulation like acupressure can increase blood flow and energy to these areas, while decreasing overall stagnation in the body. It also helps combat anxiety, tension, and physical pain, feelings we are all experiencing during this time, especially while working at home. Using pressure on specific points stimulates the nervous system and causes the release of nitric oxide and endorphins (the same hormones released during exercise), which help to lower blood pressure and generally help you feel happier. 

You can try the self-care trend of at-home acupressure by using the Aku Ball and Aku Roller, both tools that allow you to reap the many benefits of acupressure quickly and easily from the comfort of your home. 

The Aku Ball encompasses all of the benefits of acupressure in the palm of your hand. Not only does the ball promote a release of tense muscles and joints, but it also helps with hand and foot pain. With many of us working at our computers or on our phones all day, our hand muscles and joints, as well as our wrists, can begin to take the toll and pay the price. Using the ball and rolling it in between the hands, up and down the wrist to the fingertips, and on the back of the hands can help release pent up tension and stagnation. This also helps with Raynaud’s syndrome (chronic cold hands and feet) and improves the mobility of muscles and tendons. Keeping the ball at your work desk can be an easy reminder to give you and your hands a much-needed break. Like any of Aku’s products, there are also mental health benefits of using the ball, since it helps release stress and reduce anxiety.

The Aku Roller is a step up from the ball in surface area, intensity, and usability. It is a powerful handheld massage and skincare tool. You can use the roller anywhere on your body, focusing on each spot for 3 to 5 minutes to achieve the desired results. It helps release tension from large muscles, and assists with promoting healthy blood flow and lymphatic drainage, a bodily system that needs manual pressure and movement for optimal drainage. The roller also helps with skin appearance, since promoting blood flow to specific areas brings extra nutrients and oxygen, which are needed for healing scars, puffiness, inflammation, reducing cellulite, and maintaining a glowing appearance. 

At-home acupressure is one of the newest and growing self-care trends since it not only creates physical benefits but makes a difference in our mental health as well. Using simple yet highly effective tools like the Aku Ball or Aku Roller is your best bet for reaping these benefits while working and staying at home during this time. Whether you choose the ball or roller (or both), you can be confident in knowing you are in the right hands for all your tension and stress relieving needs.