Introduction to Acupressure: 5 Reasons to Incorporate Acupressure into Your Wellness Routine

Introduction to Acupressure: 5 Reasons to Incorporate Acupressure into Your Wellness Routine

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a form of massage therapy that originates from traditional Chinese medicine that dates back thousands of years. Originally believed to regulate the body’s energy through meridians or natural pathways that carry energy, acupressure suggests stress or pain is caused by a block or imbalance in energy.

Fast forward to 2020, acupressure is now rooted in the science. A cousin of the better-known acupuncture, acupressure works by applying steady pressure to targeted areas to relieve inevitable tension.

Conveniently, acupressure can easily be achieved from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere, with the Aku Ball and Aku Mat. Aku’s products are made from medical grade metals like copper, iron, nickel, silver and zinc, making them more durable than plastic alternatives. The conductive metals cause a natural warming effect that are both healing and therapeutic.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of acupressure, here are five reasons to get started:

Relax tense muscles and tight joints

If you’re an athlete or a participant of an active lifestyle, acupressure can help relieve tense muscles and tight joints. Whether you are weight training, running, or playing hockey, incorporating acupressure as part of your routine can help alleviate pain in those broken-down muscles. For tight leg muscles, we recommend sitting on the Aku Mat for 5-10 minutes with your legs over the surface area of the mat. For more localized areas of tension, use the Aku Ball.

Increase circulation and lymph flow

Stress can hinder proper blood circulation, so acupressure will stimulate the circulation of blood and oxygen in areas where there is build up. Increased circulation releasing endorphins; neurotransmitters that help minimize discomfort and pain while enhancing pleasure. Acupressure contributes to lymphatic drainage and reduce symptoms associated with swollen lymph nodes. Why does this matter? Athletes are prone to fatigue and sore throats due to the hours of training. Aku helps drain the lymphatic system which can deter the swollen lymph nodes.

Sciatic relief

Sciatica is horrible nerve pain from the lower back that causes leg pain and restless legs. We suggest laying on your back on the Aku Mat for a relaxing 10 minutes. There are numerous acupressure points on the back and lumbar region that can cause sciatic relief.

Lessen stress and anxiety

Acupressure is a self care method to relieve stress and anxiety while encouraging relaxation. Neck acupressure points are connected to thyroid health, which alleviates stress and anxiety. Our Aku Ball is a small and portable acupressure tool that makes relaxation accessible on the go. You can use it similarly to a lacrosse ball, but the Aku Ball effectively triggers the eight essential acupressure points located in the hands. The key benefits to rolling with the Aku Ball are hard to beat.  

Improve sleep quality

Do you have a hard time falling or staying asleep? Along with relaxation, acupressure can help improve sleep quality. The important acupressure points that help with sleep are on the back, wrist, foot, ankle and neck areas. These areas are related to acupressure points that also lessen stress and anxiety, in combination, these elements can work together to improve sleep quality.

Our bodies are an interconnected network and the benefits of acupressure are multidimensional. Acupressure points will not only treat tense muscles or tight joints, but it can also increase circulation, leading to other health benefits. With improved circulation, it can also lead to less stress and anxiety, which can promote improved sleep.

Athletes, the gym-goer or the business go-getter can all benefit from Aku in different ways. Start incorporating acupressure into your daily routine and immediately experience the benefits.