Aku Rings

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Experience the power of reflexology at your fingertips.

Acupressure rings are designed to help you stress less and focus more. Simply massage the Aku Ring in and up and down motion on each finger for 30 seconds. The tiny copper rings work on reflex points in the fingers to relax tense muscles and relieve anxiety. You will experience a warm, therapeutic sensation as your body and mind begin to unwind.

The Aku Rings are the perfect tool to improve concentration while studying or working. The sleek, copper design of the acupressure spikes stimulates nerve endings in your hands. You will experience a warm, tingling sensation as you slide the Ring from your fingertip to knuckle.

Massage reflex points and their corresponding energy zones using the Aku Rings. Experience traditional reflexology, from the comfort of your home or office.

Instructions: Simply massage the Aku Ring in and up and down motion on each finger for 30 seconds

Dimensions: 1" x 1"

Material: Copper

Quantity: 3 rings per pack


why aku


The Aku Mat fosters deep sleep that will leave you relaxed and refreshed.


Enhance blood flow and activate your bodies natural healing abilities.


Thoroughly massage your muscles; relieving deep tension, knots and spasms.

Real Spikes. Real Results.

Aku products are meticulously designed with high-grade metal spikes that naturally stimulate energy flow throughout the body. When conductive metals, such as silver and copper, come in contact with the skin you'll experience a natural warming effect that is both healing and therapeutic.

Experience Acupressure Today

Though it looks intense, your skin instinctively reacts with the metals to improve blood flow and activate your body's natural healing abilities.