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Where is the Aku Mat made?

The Aku Mat is meticulously designed in Ukraine. Our highly skilled manufacturing partners follow strict protocols – taking care of every last spike.

Product-related questions

How quickly will I notice results?

The benefits are noticeable after the first use.

How long should I lie on my Aku Mat, and when?

We advise lying on your Aku Mat for 15 minutes or more. There is no limit to using your Aku Mat; many fall asleep on the spikes and this perfectly safe. You can use your Aku Mat at any time of the day. If you use it before bed, it can support a deep and restful sleep. If you use in the morning, it can give you rejuvenating boost of energy for the day.

How often should I use my Aku Mat?

The more you use the Aku Mat the better. We recommend making the Aku Mat part of your daily ritual. For example, use it after you take your morning shower, when you’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix, and lying in bed reading a book etc.

Does the Aku Mat hurt?

The first couples of times you use your Aku Mat, it may feel uncomfortable. However, the more time you spend on your mat – through consistent use – the more comfortable you will feel. Acupressure is a powerful experience: during the first few minutes of using your Aku Mat, it is common to feel a prickly, warm, sometimes pulsating sensation on the areas of the body that the mat is applied to. The mat is putting a large amount of pressure and stimulation on your muscles, and the sensations that you feel are normal responses. These sensations will subside after about 10–15 minutes of using your Aku Mat. You might find these sensations quite intense to begin with, and you may have an urge to move or adjust yourself, but try to observe the sensations and breathe through it. If your skin is very sensitive, you may want to start out with a thin cloth or piece of clothing in between you and your Aku Mat. As humans, we all have a different sensitivity to pain and certain medical conditions can intensify this sensitivity. Try it out until you find the right level of sensation. Regular users of the Aku Mat get little to no pain at all, because tension is much lower in the areas the mat is applied to. Think of the first and tenth massage you get on a stressed area – regular use will help your muscles feel great. Just remember, the benefits of The Aku Mat always outweigh the initial discomfort.

Can I use the Aku Mat if I am pregnant?

The Aku Mat is strictly not recommended for use during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester – nor is any massage – unless by a specialist in prenatal massage. However, once your child has come into the world, it is a wonderful tool for new moms to recoup their bodies.

How do I clean my Aku Mat?

Hand-wash your Aku Mat with soap and warm water. Use a scrub to brush away an excess debris or residue in-between the spikes. Is the Aku Mat dangerous? Please see our medical disclaimer.