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How to use the Aku Mat

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acupressure mat, aku matLying flat is the most common form of acupressure treatment. We recommend a softer surface, such as a bed or workout mat because it lessens the initial intensity and allows your unique body shape to naturally form to the Aku Mat. To target your lower back, bend your knees or prop them up on a pillow. Once you’re in the desired position it’s all about breathing. Focus on slow, deep breaths - only then will your body and mind begin to relax.

Several important acupressure points are located on the back, particularly the lumbar region. Applying consistent pressure to these areas can relieve lower back pain and sciatica.

Recommended Duration: 10 - 25 minutes


acupressure mat, aku matSince most of us sit for extended periods throughout the day, our legs don’t get the circulation they need. The Aku Mat solves this problem. Lay your mat over a slightly elevated surface, such as a pillow or foam pad, and allow your thighs, hamstrings, or calves to slowly sink into the spikes. At first, you’ll feel a tingling sensation and then, as circulation increases, your tight muscles will begin to warm up and relax.

Leg acupressure is commonly used to increase blood and lymph circulation, making it a great pre-workout habit to trigger the nervous system and activate tired muscles.

Recommended Duration: 5 – 10 minutes


acupressure mat, aku matThe neck is a notoriously tight area where all sorts of stress and tension can build up. The root of it may be something simple, like slouching shoulders over a keyboard or bad posture. More serious conditions include whiplash, arthritis, or pinched nerves. Whether it’s chronic or temporary, the Aku Mat can relieve pressure and discomfort in this sensitive area. Roll up your mat and allow the metal spikes to soothe tired or injured muscles.

Neck acupressure points are deeply relaxing and can be triggered to promote thyroid health, which lessens anxiety and stress. 

Recommended Duration: 10 – 15 minutes


acupressure mat, aku matOur feet contain 38 different muscles and absorb over 1,000 pounds of force every day. They’re also covered in acupressure points and nerve centers, making them a perfect target for the Aku Mat. Slowly engage the mat and breath deeply as your entire body weight presses into the metal spikes. The second you step on the mat you’ll feel energy rush up the legs. This is the most intense method of treatment. Start with socks on, and slowly work your way up to bare feet. 

Foot acupressure (also known as reflexology) is commonly used to increase nerve function, treat Plantar Fasciitis and reduce the severity of headaches. 

Recommended Duration: 1+ minutes