Metal Spikes: Aku Technology

Aku products are built with high-grade metals that are naturally occurring in the human body. When conductive metals, such as silver and copper, come in contact with the skin you'll experience a natural warming effect that is both healing and therapeutic.

Why Metal?

It is commonly known in acupuncture to use two or more differently charged metals (for example, sp.cooper – zinc) for more effective healing infuence on the biologically active points and areas of the body. Aku products do not actually puncture the skin, but when the differently charged metal spikes are pressed against the body, an ionic reaction occurs which enhances the bodily functions and produces a similar type of healing effect as acupuncture.


Zinc is essential for functioning of DNA and RNA polymerases controlling the processes of transfer of genetic information and protein biosynthesis. Thus, it improves the reparative (regenerative) processes in the body, and acts as a key enzyme of heme biosynthesis reaction, which is in the structure of hemoglobin, cytochrome respiratory chain of mitochondria, cytochrome P-450, catalase and myeloperoxidase. Zinc is a part of superoxide dismutase which is a key antioxidant enzyme structure and it induces the biosynthesis of cell protective proteins – metallothionein, whereby Zinc is an antioxidant of reparative action.


Microelement ferrum is a component of 70 of the most important iron proteins and enzymes. The main amount of Iron in the form of heme is contained into hemoglobin. In addition, iron is a part of cytochrome P-450, cytochrome G5, cytochromes of mitochondrial respiratory chain, antioxidant enzymes (catalase, myeloperoxidase). Therefore, this microelement is important not only to provide the body with oxygen, but also provide normalized functioning of respiratory chain and ATP synthesis, processes of metabolism and detoxification of endogenous and exogenous substances, DNA synthesis, and inactivation of toxic peroxides. Iron compounds play an important role in functioning of the immune system, especially at the cellular level. A daily ferrum requirement for adults and teenagers is about 10 mg for men and 18–20 mg for women. Increased need of iron for women is due to its loss with blood during menstruation, at a rate of fetal growth in pregnancy, in breast milk for feeding a child.


Copper plays an important role in biosynthesis of heme and consequently, hemoglobin. Therefore, its deficiency, just like Iron deficiency, can cause anemia. Copper is a part of the cygokhromoksidaza which is a terminal enzyme of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Therefore, it is necessary for the processes of energy generation in a cell. Copper plays an important role in antioxidant protection, analogous with Zinc, is a part of antioxidant enzyme tissue – superoxide dismutase and antioxidant plasma proteins – tserruloplazmina, which transports the metal. Copper has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and it regulates the exchange of catecholamine, serotonin, tyrosine, melanin and enhances insulin activity and more complete utilization of carbohydrates.


Silver has bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent effects. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal. It can be effective fighting against 650 species of bacteria that do not acquire resistance to it, in contrast to most antibiotics. For comparison, the spectrum of any antibiotic is 5–10 species of bacteria. Silver not only has antibiotic effects against many bacteria, but even viruses as well. It is believed that silver inhibits the enzymes that control energy metabolism. Interestingly, the beneficial bacteria are not killed, so dysbiosis doesn't develop.


Nickel compounds mainly enter the body through food. A great amount of Nickel is in tea, cocoa, buckwheat, carrots and lettuce. It is believed that the optimal volume of Nickel in the body is 100–200 mg/day. Deficiency in the body can develop when you receive Nickel in quantities of 50 mg /day or less. The boundary of Nickel toxicity for the human body is 20 mg/day. Toxic Nickel effects appear with inhalation of Nickel dust from household and industrial environments.

Ionic Reaction

The metal spikes create natural galvanic-electric reactions with the body when pressed against the skin’s surface. These reactions stimulate blood fow, circulation and activate mechanisms of metabolism. Think of it as energy entering your body in the form of ions

How Does it Work?

Located on the skin’s surface lie thousands of acupressure points. At these points, it’s natural for blockages to occur, which can slow down our performance. A few minutes of acupressure therapy stimulates these points, instantly increasing blood circulation, which then causes your body to release endorphins and oxytocin in response. At frst, you will feel a rush of warmth to the targeted area, followed by a signifcant release of muscle tension as aches and pain start to melt away. Acupressure is commonly known to increase the blood’s ability to absorb nutrients and oxygen, which facilitates the removal of harmful metabolic by-products that build up in the circulatory system. When this happens, additional neuropeptides flow through the nervous system, creating a sense of relaxation that supports healing.

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