Why Aku?

The Aku Advantage

Unlike many imitators who rely on plastic tools, Aku uses high-grade metal to provide a deeper massage and reach reflex points in the body. The metal also helps to create a natural heating effect that warms up the body to help tense muscles relax. Our lineup of products takes the scientifically proven benefits of acupuncture and makes them accessible and affordable.

The Aku Mission

Our mission is to promote self-care and healthy living by providing products designed to stimulate recovery and relaxation at any point in the day.

The Aku Manifesto

We believe that determination can overcome the pain, both mental and physical. But to do that, we need to be good to ourselves. Our body may be a temple, but what is in our mind is indispensable; this is what we live by.

Aku is not created from a fad, but from 5,000 years of science and caring innovation, leaving no minute detail unturned. We are mental and physical health advocates, bringing acupressure into the everyday vernacular so that we can make it accessible for everyone. So that we can make ‘super-human’ accessible for everyone.

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