Aku Ball
Aku Ball

Aku Ball

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The Aku Ball is a personal acupressure tool designed to enhance physical and mental performance. 

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  • Mat Size: 12.75" x 18.75"
  • Spike Quantity: 492

The Aku Ball is my savior. I’ve had a serious case of Raynaud’s disease resulting in very cold fingers and toes all the time. Squeezing the Aku Ball in my hand or rolling it on the bottom of my feet creates an instant warming effect that lasts. I love this ball. It truly is an incredible product that I highly recommend to anyone dealing with a case of Raynaud’s.

Sarah McLachlan, Singer, Songwriter

Aku Ball. Heal Harder

Best. Stress Ball. Ever. The Aku Ball has arrived

Purposeful Design

Aku’s metals are high-grade, antimicrobial and naturally occurring in the human body. Though it looks intimidating, your body instinctively reacts with the metals triggering a revitalizing sensation unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Looks Great, Feels Even Better

The details are what sets the Aku Ball apart. Aside from being sexy and sleek, the Aku Ball is a highly effective healing modality for those often neglected and hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Anywhere, Anytime

The Aku Ball is small and versatile making it easy to take on-the-go. Whether you’re climbing Machu Picchu, stretching in yoga or at home on the couch, the Aku Ball can be there with you.